What Makes Online
Education Better?

  • A flexible schedule
  • No commute
  • More time with teachers
  • Keeping your day job

If you're interested in getting your economics degree online, we can connect you with a school advisor that can answer all of your questions about classes, scheduling, tuition, financial aid and more.

What Makes Online Education Better?

  • A Flexible Schedule
  • No Commute
  • More Time with Teachers
  • Keeping Your Day Job

Fact: A recent study performed for the Department of Education found that online learning students outperformed students in older, traditional classroom environments. [1]

Perhaps this gap is due in part to the significant amount of one-on-one time online professors devote to their students. You'll actually get more attention in online classes than you would in a traditional classroom environment!

Your professors will interact directly with you through email, discussion boards and in some cases, even teleconferencing. You'll take more of a hands-on approach to learning--one that many students find to be the most useful and enjoyable style of learning.

The best part is: You can keep your day job, take care of the kids, run errands and still make time for friends. You don't have to radically alter your life to get your degree. Online education affords you the flexibility to do it all from home--at a time that works best for you.

Essentially, your schedule is in your hands. You'll still have deadlines, but you'll have the freedom to do assignments anytime, anywhere you have access to a computer.

It Just Makes More Sense

Consider the amount of time and money you'll save not having to commute. Say it takes about one hour to drive from work to school--that’s two hours a day, which adds up to 10 hours a week! You could use that precious time for studying and well, taking a break on occasion. Importantly, by not commuting to school daily, you'll also spare the air of harsh pollutants.

In todays busy world, more and more people are getting their degrees online because it just makes more sense!

The truth is: the future of education is online.

Whether or not you are physically in the confines of a building, or in your pj's at home, makes no real difference--except of course when it comes to convenience and comfort. With all the benefits of online education, why not get your degree online?

[1] NY Times Blog, Study finds that online education beats the classroom.

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*Source: Payscale

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