Endless Career Possibilities

Wondering about your career options after you get your degree? You'll have a world of opportunities in market research, banking, insurance, consulting, business management, statistics and much more. Did you know, economics bachelor's degree holders can:

  • Do everything a business degree holder can
  • Earn 69% more than high school grads [1]
  • Work in any industry, even the federal government

What are you interested in? Chances are, with an econ degree, you can do that!

An Econ Degree Can Get You Hired

Below are popular career choices for economics majors. See if any of them interest you:

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants perform a myriad of administrative duties necessary to run organizations smoothly and efficiently. They create reports, spreadsheets and databases, manage websites, make travel arrangements, monitor department budgets, maintain office equipment and much more.

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Personal Banker

Personal bankers manage customer bank accounts similarly to the way a stock broker might manage a clients investments. Personal bankers advise clients on important investment options, loan and mortgage alternatives, current interest rates, projected trends and more.

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Credit Analyst

Credit analysts review credit histories of individuals and banks applying for loans, leases and credit cards to determine the amount of risks involved for credit lenders and banks. They prepare reports, research financial history, evaluate loan requests and resolve debt issues.

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Staff Accountant

Staff accountants perform a variety of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services. They maintain company funds, prepare financial statements, tax reports, bank reconciliations, invoices and more.

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Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers oversee the daily operations of a retail establishment. They manage employees, maintain customer satisfaction and ensure that overall store operations runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts help clients invest their money. They research companies to determine investment opportunities; they prepare buy, sell and hold recommendations on securities.

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Branch Manager, Banking

Bank branch managers supervise the everyday operations of a bank. They look over loan applications, manage tellers and loan officers, conduct interviews and hire new employees.

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Investments Analyst

Investments analysts provide investment guidance to businesses and individuals. They analyze financial information, create financial models, conduct market research and more.

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Business Analyst

Business analysts evaluate the structure of a business. They look at areas like sales/marketing, systems management, accounting, labor, facilities and management to determine how a business could improve its overall function or productivity.

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Economists predict trends in the ever-changing economy. They help businesses and agencies handle money efficiently and are consulted when a change in economic policy is required. Economists prepare surveys, collect data and research topics such as prices, jobs, taxes, interest rates, and the stock market.

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Business Analyst, IT

IT business analysts perform detailed analysis of business processes and data to identify problems and offer potential solutions. They can work in a variety of areas such as operations, product development, information systems and finance.

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Project Manager, IT

IT project managers are responsible for the successful planning and implementation of IT projects. They create budgets and schedules, define project scope, set timelines and much more.

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The Perfect Time To Get Your Degree

There has never been a better time than now to get your economics degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recognized a number of professions that are expected to have above-average growth over the next decade. Most of these positions fall within the top 25th percentile for pay. [1] Perhaps most importantly, almost all of these positions require at least a bachelor's degree.

The fastest and easiest way to land one of these in-demand careers is with the right degree.

If you're interested in learning how you can get an economics degree, EconDegrees.com can connect you to schools and programs that meet your unique needs. Simply fill out a short and secure information form. A school advisor will contact you to answer all of your questions about scheduling, tuition, financial aid and more.

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions expected to have above-average growth.

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Financial Analyst

Banking Credit Analyst

Data Analyst

Real Estate Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Financial Research Analyst

Finance/Banking Business Analyst

Staff Accountant

Marketing Analyst

Investments Analyst


Financial Consultant













*Source: Payscale

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