Increase Your Earning Power

With an economics degree under your belt, you'll have serious earning potential, great benefits and job security on top of that! Where you work and how much experience you have will factor into how much you make. But on average, professionals with an econ degree can:

  • Make a starting salary of $34,800-$96,500 [1]
  • Work in any industry, even the federal government
  • Qualify for major career promotions

Ever thought about being an econ major? It's a far more versatile major than you might think...

How Much Can I Make With An Economics Degree?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor's degree holders earn 69% more than diploma holders! [1]

Once you get your degree you can start making some real cash! How much money you'll make will depend on a variety of factors, including your job title and where you live. But one thing's for sure: you'll boost your pay and have endless promotional opportunities once you have your degree.

According to [2], the 10 most popular career choices and their salaries include:

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[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates earn more.

[2] Pay scale, popular jobs and their salaries for economics degree majors.

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Financial Analyst

Banking Credit Analyst

Data Analyst

Real Estate Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Financial Research Analyst

Finance/Banking Business Analyst

Staff Accountant

Marketing Analyst

Investments Analyst


Financial Consultant













*Source: Payscale

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